OK, i've got a budget of £200 which isn't alot i know but i'm willing to spend around £200 customizing it and putting my own floyd rose tremolo and a whole load of crazy stuff to make it look unique basically. I'm also considering putting my own paint job on it so would i sand the finish down till i get to the wood or what?

What i'm confused about is what freakin guitar should i customize because i wouldn't want a cheap squire because tbh they're not my style at all. I'm into mostly into metal. I've been looking at a Jacksons and Ibanez because I suppose they're intended for metal or whatever....
Can someone please help me because I can't wait to start this project
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any cheap strat, or you can get cheap "Shine" guitars, often on ebay, they have good metal shapes (Vees, Explorers...")
I've just found an incredibly cheap metal/modern guitar on gak.co.uk its a Stagg I-300 and it looks awesome i just don't know much about the guitar. Does anyone know much about it because I could do anything with this guitar really plus it decreases the amount of money i have to spend.
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ibanez gio series are cheap enough to abuse.

yeah thats a pretty good idea, built slightly better than the JS series dinkys from jackson
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you know, I'd help...but you just called a7x "speed metal".

Nah, but i really don't know much anyway. I tried to make my own guitar from scratch for a Tech project in high school but fucxed it up pretty bad.
anyone who thinks avenged sevenfold is speed metal let alone actual metal needs to have a restraining order given for all guitars, preventing them from ever touching them to play their crappy attempt at music
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anyone who thinks avenged sevenfold is speed metal let alone actual metal needs to have a restraining order given for all guitars, preventing them from ever touching them to play their crappy attempt at music

whatever, silly bastard has a destroyer anyways
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Find something with a good neck that you like. That is the most important thing as you can replace/customize everything else. I would look for any thin 24 fret neck for metal.
My advice, would be to find something of your liking, but a bit shabby on Ebay, to make the most of your money.

You won't get much for your £200 even if you spent all of it, on a new guitar. Even the fantastic Pacifica, is £170 new.

I would buy a NATURAL (wood finish, so you can see it's wood and nice wood) Pacifica, then customise that.

In fact, that is what I did. WIP at the moment, but I got a MINT (still had the plastic on the pick guard) couple of year old Pacifica 112 in Natural, for £70 (with a gig bag!).

Maple fingerboard too!

Some examples:



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Oh dear lord... I got one of their RRV's with the sole intention of modding it.
You can plainly see the headstock scarf joint. the headstock is a different type of wood to the neck!
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if you're going to make a custom guitar, are you going for exotic shapes, if not i recomend a dean vendetta. cheap, thick tone. and the top painting can litterally be taken off (its like a false wood laquer type of thing i'm unsure of the name) like peeling paint, or so i have heard. it will only cost your around 200 (USD though) so you can be free to suctomize it without risk off ruining a good guitar (jackson and, although i hate them ibanezs are fairly well made so messing with one of those wouldn't be to cool) unless that is you want to not have to do much in terms of routing for the FR setup in which case get an ibby, but i personally wiould get a new neck, but i don;t think that the the thin wizard IIs are on the lowend models so you could probably get one with a standard kind of neck. and if your modding, first thing is always go used, no worries if its dinged up either, heck as long as the body is in one piece (not literally acount for the neck and if its a V) you could buy one for almost nothing and spend the rest on new parts for it. you could save money that way to mod it sooner
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