i researched some guitars i might want to get soon and i came up with a few

schecter Hellraiser c1 FR (OFR)
ltd mh 250
some ibanez guitar

(i prefer not to buy a guitar with an edge 3 as i heard theyre really bad..)

and also would the thick neck on the hellraiser make a bit differece? thanksss
I hate thick necks...it's the only thing I hate about my semi hollow.

I'd still go for the schecter...schecter love baby.

it does...but you get used to it, it kinda slows down progress but doesn't stop it all together.

whenever you play a guitar with a quick neck however...you will die a little inside...just a little.

but plus side it's a good git and you'll become a better player because of it.

Understand that the thickness of your guitar neck should be based purely on preference, I for one can't stand Wizard II necks on Ibanez guitars, they're just too thin, I like a chunky neck to know I'm actually holding something. There are also other factors, such as how flat the neck is (it could be thick, but "school-bus" shaped if you know what I mean) and if its finished or not (this just depends on the person, some like an unfinished or simply oiled maple neck, but some like a painted and lacquered mahogany neck).

But, by your list, I'd go for the Schecter just because I think they're extremely versatile guitars and the necks aren't too thin.
well honestly i really luv thin necks lol but the specs of the schecter!!! i was looking for a guitar with a good tremolo system good pickups and hot looking ofcourse and the schecter had it all exept the neck.. only if ibanez s'es had 24 frets feels like im playing something so short..
what do people thinki about the ltd mh 250??? i think they are all good for me finish, tremolo, playability .. but im not sure of the emg hz pickups because iuse an emg 81 soo yer