ok SG users and abusers got a question.

I love to mess around with equipment and what not. I just bought the standard and wanna mess around and upgrade what i can on it cause i love the feel of it and what not but
What are somethings i can customize on it and how?
Dont get me wrong but i love the sound and what not and really happy with it but i love to take things apart learn how to do everything with them. ( i do it with everything i get its very bad OCD )

Any suggestions or ideas?
If you are talking about epiphone then upgrade the pickups, stock epiphone sg pickups fail.
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Yeah, come stay with me for a few weeks. I've got several projects you could occupy your time with!
lol i got tons of free time here in iraq but no it is a true gibson SG standard :-D

anymore suggestions lol
Mine is a Gibson SG Standard in heritage cherry...

To be honest, I don't see the need to modify anything, it is perfect!

Don't touch it, just play and feel it.
-Change pickguard
-change pickups if they do not suit you (I would have one of gibson's humbucker-sized p-90s in the neck, for example)
-change knobs
-get a special knob/potentiometer (such as the N-Tune system or EMG's AB booster)
-change bridge to a bigsby
-rewire controls BFG style (killswitch where pickup selector is, normal 4 knobs are volume/tone/tone/pickup selector)
-rewire controls Jimmy Page style (push-pull pots for coil splitting/series-parallel)
-Graphtech Nut
-Locking Tuners
-Graphtech Saddles if not bigsby
-Sand finish off neck

That is all I can think of at the moment, I too love custimization.
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