Blues Pro: Tis the one with the fuzz switch and the white knobs. Real good condition. Got velcro under the felt pads but I can take this off carefully if you want. I'd say it's a 9.5/10 condition just to be safe. Great little pedal!! But I'm flat broke and it's redundant.
£60 shipped/paypalled in the UK

AMT P1: 5150 emulation, with second emulated output. Dunno what else to say. It's not far from the real thing as far as tone goes, great high gain pedal and for recording. Had it only since boxing day, 10/10 condition, again it's redundant.
£80 shipped and paypalled in the UK. I'm taking a big loss on it and they're not easily found in the UK.

Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz: Again, not using it right now. 10/10 condition. Great fuzz, not exactly a muff, not exactly a fuzz face. I don't know much about Fuzz though.
£30 shipped/paypalled in the UK.

All these pedals are true bypass if it matters, metal enclosures etc...All will come in a box and nicely packed. All prices include paypal and postage in the UK.
Not shipped and paypalled no... It's about £5 to send and then there are paypal fees to add, not much but still.
Yep. Or you can come pick it up if you're close to Edinburgh. I shall PM you.
Fuzz gone! Grab a bargain on the AMT as you can't really find these in the UK.
I realize that I'm resurrecting a really old thread here, but I'm looking for a Blues Pro, and your thread came up in the search. Do you still have it? And if so, can you ship to America?
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