Hey guys ive just bought a new guitar but i was thinking about my next one.
Soon i will be gettng a job (after my year 11 gcse's) and was going to save up for a tlecaster.

i would spend up to £600. What one would u reccomend. I like the 72 deluxe and the mexican standard.

what ones are best for indie and rock??


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If you can afford it, try to get the Highway 1 Std. or a Baja Tele. They are the best deals for Teles IMHO
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+1 on the Baja tele...amazing guitar, especially for the money


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Well if you're diggin' the humbucker sound, the deluxe is more of an option, however, with singles Highway 1, Baja, or a used US made tele, they'd be the best.

Though, if prices are still as they were last year, with an extra £50 or so you'll be able to buy a new US made tele. But if it's an 08 one I'd not touch it, has a terrible bridge which is more similar to a strat bridge than a tele bridge.
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If you can afford it, try to get the Highway 1 Std. or a Baja Tele. They are the best deals for Teles IMHO

Totally agree. Highway One (the '06 upgraded series) are great for modern music. And indeed I owned the Baja Tele for a while and it was a superb instrument, very versatile with its dual circuits and 4 position blade which allowed you to select among 6 different tones.

Still, go and test different guitars until you find the one that fits your needs.
Looking at your current gear, I'd get a Mexican and use the left over money towards a new amp.
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I no u have a 72, but the Thinline Is VERY good. As u c im my sig, its ma baby
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