I see a LOT of people on here recommending the blackstar HT-5. I can not find a retailer in the US who has this in stock. Musicians Friend calls this the HT-5C (combo?) and lists this as a new item? Is the HT-5 something NEW or is there a new model coming out? What's the story on these and where can I get one!

BTW, I know MF & GC sell them but they are all not in stock.
Guitar Center's online store has the half stack, the ht5 head, and the ht5 combo. Just go in amps and effects and shop by brand, they have some lame splash screen if you just try to search for blackstar

edit: whoops, yeah, they're due back in in 2-4 weeks. dunno then! did you try zzsounds or american music supply?
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