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Just finished working on this new piece. Last time I submitted it I was only about halfway through, and there was no bass at all.

Genre-wise I have no idea where it fits, but it's definitely metal

Thanks in advance, and C4C

EDIT: I have very long fingers, making the difficult looking stretches possible

DOUBLE EDIT: Taking suggestions from some of you, I have changed the drums in the beginning
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this is very good. Seems a little like melodic death metal with a progressive touch to me
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I sure did like it. Very well written. Loved to see this played with some voice on it.
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That was awesome

The only thing I didnt really like was the drums at certain parts... Like bar 9 for example. I found the keys way too loud at te start but I dunno if that's to do with me not having RSE on (it always breaks ¬_¬
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I liked it!
I thought it was a bit repetitive and some of the notes looked a bit of a stretch.
El Boyo
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Pretty effin' swish fella!
Get some vocals in there and it'll be perfect!
Riffs were right where they should be and the drums followed up in suit, very well done mate
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

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Thanks for critting mine man.

This is really ****ing tite man. I like it a lot. I liked it when it started kicking up at measure 17. It was cool with the melody there.

From there I enjoyed it, and I liked the harmony at measure 57. The clean part after that was also very nice. The 3/4 part after that didn't really seem like it fit, but it was cool when that kicked in. At 107, it all kind of got obnoxious. Maybe tone that part and it's craziness down a little bit.

Overall, the song was original, nice, and cool to listen to.

Simon Blackwing
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Good melodies, good riffs
I've liked a lot the acoustic part
Awesome riff after the acoustic part
i liked a lot the outro too

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Sorry for the wait, I totally forgot about the Crit's I owe. Anyways;

Overall, a pretty tight piece.

I'm a big fan of the drumming, the double kick strikes me as too fast in parts, but then again. I can only get at around 195bpm in 16th notes cleanly, and I'm not the best drummer on earth.

When the chior cuts out at like, bar 17. It sounds a bit empty. But that's not a problem.

Some of the strectches seem awkward, but that's just being picky.

Overall, 8/10. Pretty good, a bit generic but eh. That's hardly a problem. There are some good riffs in the piece.
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the clap stack
just for you my friend, cause that song is pure awesome

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1-8 Really good intro, usually if the intro isn't good I skip the rest of the song, but you did an amazing job

9-16 I like the added variation you used somewhere in it. It was really cool.

17-24 I liked it I could see clean vocals maybe.

25-32 Really cool It didnt' seem to repetitive it was awesome.

33-40 I liked this part it had a really nice melody type thing to it, Kudos

41-48 Nice transition. Nice writing here.

49-64 It just kept getting better, dude that part is the SHYTE.

Around 68 when the acuostic comes in, it leaves me pretty much breathless, love that part.

82-83 when the elec comes in it starts to sound really good.

91 Seemed like it had a slightly rough transition to me, but after a while I got used to it.

107-114 Was okay, don't get me wrong it was cool but it seemed a bit generic

115 That really neat melody type thing came back and it was really good again

131 Nice just nice, the drums kind of made the song

139 I just really like how it sounds, and when you bring in the other guitar it sounds even better...

At the end with the acoustics it sounds really good. What a wonderful finale =] You did great, nice job man.

9.5/10 Only part was where I noted the abrupt transition. If that was a little diff you'd just earned a 10. Great job
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Just remember to put Key signature as B Major or G# Minor at the beginning, it helps reading it a whole lot easier and looks more professional.

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Amazing. I would listen to that. Loved it.
How do I attach files though?
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