i loved digital ash and im wide awake its morning

cassadega was a bit hit and miss

and i've kind of moved on now, hes still awesome but i think elliott smith writes songs with more interesting melodies lyrics and has a better voice, but bright eyes are definitely awesome
I really like Cassadaga. Poison Oak FTW though.
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I'm Wide Awake and It's Morning was an amazing record. I listened to it for a good long time, now the songs kind of depress me.
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Bright eyes is great. Conor's solo album wasn't too shabby either.

I want "First Day of my Life" played at my wedding.

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i love bright eyes.
i bought Cassadaga a while ago, but still i'm not sure if i like it. it sounds like it has some country music influence which i don't really like. but, it's okay.
lots of you mentioned i'm wide awake. that was the first album of his i listened to and therefore always has a special place for me in his overall discography but if you haven't already you should definitley check out his back catologue.. Lifted for example is the best album he's written for sure.