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Does anyone else here sometimes look at those pedalreviews or tests on youtube? Well, most of the time they suck!!!

Here's my problem. The 'reviewer' plays some chords or sometimes a riff or lick, this is the so-called 'before' when the pedal is off. Then, activates te pedal so we can hear the 'after'.

BUT!!!!!! instead of playing the chords he played in the before-part, he just starts shredding away, playing something completely different! How the hell can we, the viewer/listener, get the right idea of the sound of the pedal that way?!!!

and this is not only with amateur reviews, even the pros do it that way!
it's just common sense that the before and after is the same thing, just sounding different.

does anyone else find this very(,very, very, very) anoying or am I the only one?
Well consider that these reviews are rarely purely objective - they're made by people who have either just bought the pedal, or by the company who manafacture it. It's in both parties interests for the pedal to come across as well as possible. So by playing a damn sight better with the pedal on than off, then they're showing it in the best light they can.

But yeah, it's gay.

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i dont rely on youtube reviews, i go to the store and play myself

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90% of the time the problem is that the reviewer is using a crappy mic to record the sound and everything sounds like ass anyway.