Depends on Model, make, material, and pickups.
If i were you i would just get the standard tele fender makes for around $500.
Whats your budget though?

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Well compared to that video it should sound much better due to not being subjected to all the harsh audio compression. Seriously, note that the one being shown for most of the video that the singer is playing doesn't seem to be the playing the lead. Also note that that guitar has a humbucker and telecasters typically don't come with humbuckers. The lead sound does sound to me like a humbucker sound but ain't too good with that sought of stuff. But if you believe with marketing everything is better with humbuckers. The amp in my opinion makes the biggest difference. A good amp can make a bad guitar sound alright and a bad amp can make a good guitar sound like crap in my opinion. Also the lead sounds like it may have some chorus or something on it which also changes it sounds. I don't think in my opinion you would need anything special to get a sound like that as far as the electric guitar. But maybe think about which amp and people generally can give you very good advice on that. BTW everbody loves guitar and no-one ever stops playing in my opinion so get as good of guitar that you feel is reasonable but make sure to considered sizable amp money. As a bass player though most of this should be obvious to you.
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