Has anyone got any cool vocal tones for gearbox? I'm looking for something you would hear on an advert for a movie, like a really deep voice? Any ideas?

the guys who do those movie trailers have rediculously deep voices already.
I remember seeing an interview with one of the most popular guys, and even then it was like an earthquake whenever he answered a question.

you can get a cheesy "stargate" effect by messing with the pitch shifting and such, though frankly i'd never use gearbox on vocals
Go for the proximity effect which adds bass to any voice recording. And use a deep voice. Preamp/effects settings doesn't really affect this much.
eq could obviously help a little. As well as adding some reverb.

I have no idea how well this would work, but you could try doubling the vocals then dropping one an octave and lowering the volume/blending the two together.
Ehh, it probably wont work, but its worth a shot I guess.

Really what you need is just a naturally awsome deep voice.
I do some radio work and I have an american friend with a really deep voice. I've recorded him doing a load of voice links and adverts and stuff, and you really can't emulate it with software.
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