Heyy, I've noticed that if I press the flat button on my BOSS TU-15, the tuning drops down a Semi-Tone.

It only allows you to press it 4 times in total, which only gets me down to C Standard.

How can I get it to Drop B?
get a chromatic tuner
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It is Chromatic, But I haven't really twiddled around with it enough to work out how to drop it to Drop B
Well you can check the only tuning thread, or just tune the whole guitar down 1 and a half steps, to C# standard. Then retune the low C# to the (what was the D) B string.
Tune to C# standard, then drop the lowest string down an extra step
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If i make it go to lower.. then it just screws up. and the monitor flashes completely random notes. like.. B.. C... C#. D... when i'm only changing it ever so slightly