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Whether if it's the lower gas prices, higher food prices or anything else, really.
I've barely felt a darn thing, aside from gas prices slightly creeping up again.

But then again, I mooch off my parents for sustenance, so perhaps that's why.
My dad's working hours are being cut so now his wage is about 1/2 of what it used to. We used to sort of barely come together before, but i don't know what's gonna happen now, because we have alot of debts.
unable to get a part time job. :/
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Being an 18 year old still living with his parents, in education and getting decent amount every month for a part time job, I'm not.

Exactly this.


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Not really, I'm a music student so I never had any money to begin with
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A lot of people I know are having a hard time. A few friends have been laid off, some even lost their homes. I'm a college student and it's hard paying for school even with a scholarship that pays 75% of my tuition. Living expenses, books, food, all adds up. There's barely money to afford my musical lifestyle but hey, I'm living and I'm happy so I have no real complaints.
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Nope, I'm living off the money from last summer and throwing it all away on food. After this summer I may have to buy a nice surf green fender strat and die happy.
Im in the same boat with Warheart. Still have a guitar and a bag of ganj though, so its good.
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I'm in university so the only effects I'm feeling is less money in my hand at the beginning of the week, but I won a scholarship so I'm not too badly off this year.
I work in construction in the summer and Ireland's constuction industry has declined by 20% so my job prospects aren't good for this summer
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Lets see..

At uni and in exteme debt... No totally not feeling it unless you count bills going up, barely any money left, no job because there are none and debts that I cant pay off... No money for food now... No money for rent and no one to borrow off.

Life is fucking dandy at the moment. Whoop di fucking doo I wish I was dead.
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What I wanna know is where the hell you are getting lower gas prices..

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A friend of mine builds houses for a living, and he says it's really slow but he did sell a house last week. Other than that the only tangible evidence I see of a slowdown is cheaper gas and listening to people at working complaining about their 401Ks. I work in IT and we are extremely busy.
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What I wanna know is where the hell you are getting lower gas prices..
Denmark. The litre price went down about 3 DKK, which is around 50 cent.
yea because theres a budget crisis in my uni and i have to print out my class syallbus.
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affects me, I dont have a job and need a new amp but Im broke

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My dad is an Electrician who owns his own business. He recently had to lay off his only employee because there is absolutely no work. So my parents are tight for money and starting to worry. I'm full time in college and work at a ski resort on the weekends, the ski resort is laying people off left and right due to the lack of money. The ski resort hires groups of kids from South America to work there for the winter, but is actually sending a lot of them back to South America because we aren't getting enough ski business.

Unfortunately, I'm sure it will get much worse for most of us Americans before it gets any better.
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Lets see..

At uni and in exteme debt... No totally not feeling it unless you count bills going up, barely any money left, no job because there are none and debts that I cant pay off... No money for food now... No money for rent and no one to borrow off.

Life is fucking dandy at the moment. Whoop di fucking doo I wish I was dead.

business as usual, I see...
Not yet, but I'm sure it'll bite me in the arse soon enough.

*cough new bass next month >_> *
My dad can't find a job, my mom's hours are being cut, and tensions are really high right now in my household; I want to punch my Dad square in the face over and over again, long story.
How long you think it will stay like this?
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We'll see when I get my financial aid quote for next year.

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i can't find a job and i've been looking for months and my parents are pissed and want me to ship out for active duty a lot earlier than i'm supposed to. yeah, i'm feeling it.
Seeing as how my parents support me financially, not really.
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Read up on all of those conspiracy theories you think are crazy even if you don't
believe them at first you will soon find them becoming truer and truer. The economic collapse of the world has been in the works for years, the global elite(Illuminati) are good businessmen and women; it means they like to get things in writing legally even if they get their legal entitlement through more than sinister means.

Their main goal for the global depression is to buy up all of the cheap stocks they don't already own, thus giving them total monopoly over the whole system in writing. It is sad because it is a perversion of the wonderfully flawed free trade enterprise.

Simply put this economic collapse is merely a tool to unite the world's government through debt and the false threat of terrorists(read up on false flag operations, its father, Hitler first used it to turn the his nation against Poland sound familiar. Turning a powerful military nation against a nation with almost no military or wrong doing just because it served his means. I'll give you a clue U.S. 9/11 Afghanistan).

A police state is almost imminent if no one acts; unfortunately I know that the situation is beyond political action and into the realm of violence and survival. Human kind's errors have taught us almost nothing ,but now is the turning point of history the time of true enlightenment and freedom or the frayed path of wrongful constraint by the global elite.

I could sit here and teach a class on this but, its not my job its yours as a member of the human race to not to let propaganda fool you and find your own source of knowledge.

If you say the depression doesn't affect you and won't; then the aftermath surely will, I beg of you prepare and research, it might save your life.
To Zephyr, you're an idiot. This **** happens occasionally, nothing new. This is how the market tends to work. Go study the Mayan Calendar some more.

It has a little, I'm noticing a slight cut in my hours, but nothing major. Really not too bad right now though. Gas is relatively cheap.
considering my mom got laid off because of this so called `financial crisis` i personally think that if the media didn't say ANYTHING we would have eased into this a bit more easier. it wouldn't be such a big hill.
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