Hey everybody,

I'm going to tell you all a story real fast so you know what's up with this thread. In one of my guitars I have an HSH arrangement of EMG Selects. I am purchasing an EMG-81 and EMG-85 from a friend in about a week, but without the other components (eg pots, Quik-Connect cables, etc). I am ordering those parts today, so in about a weeks' time I will have those pickups in and the set of EMG Selects out to sell... I'm looking at $60 shipped for them, they're decent pickups and are $100ish shipped new. That's part one of this post.

Part two is that I actually want an 85 in the bridge as well, so I want to trade the 81 I'll have in a week for an 85 - they're the same retail price and the same to ship so I'm looking at just trading, no transaction or anything.

Reason I'm posting this early is to generate interest so I have something lined up so I have as little "down time" with the spare pickups as possible.

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