Do me a favor please and measure yourself like this.

Measure your legs(From your groin-down)
And measure your body(from the groin part-up)

Please would you...I'm doing statistic's about body proportions
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erm .... how much is 6'0 in cm?

About 180.
182 mabye.
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I'm 6'1"

From the lowest part of my groin to the floor is 16"
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Im way out of proportion for a 6ft4in person that Im not comfortable about sharing but...

From floor to my groin is 36.5 inches.
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I'm 6'1"

From the lowest part of my groin to the floor is 16"
I was about to say you had tiny legs, then I got it.
i would measure myself but i'm slightly taller than the required height.
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I'm 193 and 6'2" if that helps anyone.

My foot is about half the size of my dick.

I don't know if you needed that info but you learn something new everyday, huh?