So... I've just discovered this site via the BBC...

Man... Some of the comments are just hilarious lol. But I think it's a pretty good site lol. Sometimes I wish I didn't live the hard-core lifestyle

I think the site is a bit sexist. Seems to take on the opinion/feelings for women more.

What do you think?

ummm. its a bit stupid as its saying 'some like it some dont', look if people are into that stuff they are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves.
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Why not just make love, but film it, and put it on the internet, so people can enjoy it at a later date?

Then everybody wins

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Why not just make love, but film it, and put it on the internet, so people can enjoy it at a later date?

Then everybody wins

/thread xD
/mastery of the clitoris.
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bella at 2009-02-05 09:07:42:

I am a female. I like to come on faces.

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Karah at 2009-02-05 10:32:58:

I love it, I know some of my girlfriends would never. I have always enjoyed a little role play. Sometimes I am the aggressive women other times I like to be subjugated. I want to feel it on my eyes in my hair and I love it when it drips off my cheek and chin. It turns me on when I lick it off my lips. There is nothing wrong with exploring my sexuality that way. While some may feel it is deprecating, I feel power in making my partner explode all over me. My last boyfriend enjoyed me shoving a dildo up his ass as I sucked until he was about to cum then he would pull out and dump huge loads on my face. Sex is about pleasure and exploration. If you like it, do it. If not I hope you and your partner respect the boundaries, both emotionally and physically.

lol wut
Quote by edward at 2009-02-05 07:02:05:
real sex is Good for me -@hotmail.com . though i am a virgin at 23years

Oh Edward, you rascal.
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