I'll start. I've had quite a few terrible experiences with the chain stores in my area and to be honest I have come to HATE the day that I buy a new guitar. Sounds backwards doesn't it? Buying a new guitar should be one of the best days of the year, but I've quickly learned not to be so presumptuous.

It all started a couple years ago, a local shop that I regularly frequent did not have the guitar I was looking for at the time, an RG1570. I went to the counter and asked the sales rep (we'll call him Nick) if he would order it in for me. Sure! he said, that will take about 2 weeks to arrive from our Montreal outlet! I'm thinking alright that's not so bad I'm looking forward to it. A month goes by, no call. Surprise surprise, right? I call them up, speak to Nick and he tells me the guitar should arrive within a week. 2 weeks go by and I finally recieve a call that the guitar has arrived. 2 weeks quickly turned to 6, regardless I went and got the guitar for $1100 CDN which is a fair price.

Eventually I grew tired of this guitar and wanted to get a strat. I went to the same store, talked to Nick and said well the guitar just isn't working out too well for me, my tastes have changed and I've been eyeing strats as of late. He then goes buddy-buddy on me and tells me his own similar story about a Jackson which he eventually sold and bought 2-3 strats since. After this he asks about the condition and I tell him it looks the same way it did the day I bought it. He says great, bring it in and I'll take a look, I'll give you about $800 trade-up for it. $800! I'm thinking, and no folks I am not exaggerating and I had an eye-witness at the time, $800! This covered the cost of the 50s strat I was looking at, so I was very giddy about all of this, and never even bothered to get him to write down that price on his card which I am always sure to do. I asked him to order the guitar and walked out, 2 weeks he said.

Anyways, you guessed it, I get no call in 2 weeks and I walk back in there on the 3rd week and go speak to Nick myself. He acts as if he's never spoken to me before.

"Remember 2 weeks ago I was talking to you about that RG to trade-in for the strat? Just wondering if the strat is in yet."
"Umm, let me check on that"

He goes to his computer and fiddles around a bit. "Yeah the guitar hasn't arrived yet, it should get here in another week or two. I can only give you $350 trade-up for that guitar"

$350! I'm thinking, are you ****ing kidding me? I disagree with him saying just 2 weeks ago you told me you could take it for $800, remember you told me about your own strats? He again acts as if this conversation never happened. By this point I was pretty outraged and walked out. I ended up selling the guitar for $700.

Months go by...

Ring ring ring. I answer the phone. "Hello Mike? This is Cockblock calling from *****, I'm just informing you that your 50s strat has arrived and we are ready to make the transaction." I start laughing. "What's so funny?" he asks. "Well Cockblock, I ordered that guitar 4 months ago, have sold and bought another guitar in that period of time, thanks for your call.".. click.

After all of this I dread walking back into this store. Unfortunately for me this is the only large chain in my area and a lot of the time I've had no other choice but to bite the bullet. Luckily for me, I made my last purchase online.

Alright fellas, your turn! Tell me your horrible experiences with sales reps!

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Reminds me of a time I was in a store over in Wales and I wanted a LH version of a bass they had in stock. When I talked with the tech I was going to have to pay £50 for a LH version.

I hate being a leftie...