Im looking for some one a guitarist, bassist, Singer, drummer/some one thats really good at drum programs or just drum loops that sound like real drums

to write some songs with any type of songs i like every thing from heavy death metal
to soft rock if any one is interested I'm a guitarist and any one can join no matter the experience you have as long as you have like at least 6 months of playing under your belt lol Pm me if interested
i can sing and play guitar
Just remember, at the end of the game, the king and the pawn go in the same box
OK i have enough Guitarists But pm me if you are really interested I'm all ways open
and i haven't done cuts yet so well see
dude! im your friend on UG! ill play rythm and ive got a friend for another guitar and maybe bass he is more of a guitarist than bass though
There are no more spots open unless you have amazing vocals or drum set/good with the drum programs
what are your influences and whos writing?
i could possibly help with a drum machine but it depends what the music will sound like
the music is like metal of a sort not to heavy not to soft there is a clip of a rough copy in my profile just an improv that we decided well turn in to a song check it out get back to me