Here I am testing out my recording gear to the Bon Jovi classic Livin On A Prayer but I only play the solo, tell me what you think of it, leave comments and ratings, and also tell me what you think here, down things like tone and what not. Thanks

The track is on my profile

Think maybe it could be a bit 'smoother' and 'rounded' sounding, maybe a bit more low end and if you're using a decent recording program maybe you could play about with the lower midrange? It sounds good for your first attempt though; my main problem was the lack of sustain on some of the held bends but I think that's down to your guitar possibly and if you increased the gain much more it will sound too distorted for the song I think.

Thumbs up though
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I agree with the guy above, it could have been smoother, but it's pretty good!
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I'd say technically you were pretty accurate with it. I haven't heard a solo/song that couldn't use a little polishing, but nice overall. Sound quality is always going to be a preference with guitar players. All guitar players think they know what the "best" sound is according to them... it's totally subjective (of course I think I have the best sound). I thought the tone was pretty nice myself.

I agree with stujomo, Samboro is an under-rated guitar player, and he's also got some pretty good vocal chops as well.