So right now I just play guitar... tab. I really want to learn to play music and understand theory. So I dug up some of those deadful, boring theory/learning books and saw how easily the the notes of a keyboard are attached to the notes of a staff. So I'm thinking learning keyboard may help me learn guitar. I'd really like to link my Guitar and Keyboard into a laptop through maybe a mic and some sort of USB audio inferface... maybe a small mixer. I was wondering if anybody had any suguestions as far as gear, ways to wire it up, etc. that maybe helped you out or might help me out.

I know nothing about keyboards, pro audio gear, or recording stuff. But some of the gear I'm looking at is: The M-audio studio bundle with Speakers, Midi board, and USB Interface, ...a boss RC-20 look station, guitar pro 5 software, and the M-audio AXIOM series....

ANY Suguestions?
You're just going a roundabout way of doing it. Take the theory and just apply it directly to the guitar - cut out the middle step.

There's a workbook I found that's pretty helpful called Theory for the Contemporary Guitarist. It's got theory knowledge lessons and tests with answers to check yourself by. It's helped me tons along the way.
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Keyboard will help you.

I used to play keyboard and learned some theory (e.g. how to build chords, which notes sounds good together, etc), then switched to guitar. Really helped me.
It will help you, but I agree with stratoblaster.

It's a workaround.

If you learn it on a piano it works, but if you still need 20 seconds to figure out the note on ur guitarneck, it will take ages to go through the same stuff on guitar.

If you (for example want) to use the acquired theory in ur solo's or chord progressions, this will really be bumming you out.

I suggest you learn it in relation to ur guitar, if you also want to write music on ur guitar.

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Theory is theory, it's universal - your problem is applying it on your instrument of choice, namely the guitar, therefore the piano isn't going to help.
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Well did guitar for a while and quit. Then I started piano and came back to guitar and It was much easier. Guitar is harder to under stand how chords and scales work so people get lost easier. I agree learning keyboard to learn guitar is the wrong way to think ,but keyboard is interesting and fun so It won't hurt you.