Hey! I'm new here and I thought I'd share an instrumental I did the other day.


I recorded it all using a Jackson RR3 into a BOSS GT-10 into my computer via USB, I know bits of it are out of time but hey I did this in a day and I found it very hard. And before you bash me or anything I'm not promoting my band, because this is the only song on there we have and I did it all myself =P

Just looking for some feedback and opinions, thanks! =)

Nice one dude! It was a pretty simple song but it was enjoyable. Great work on the lead you definitely know what you're doing!

And I gotta give you props for having a "1337" number of profile views

haha rock on bro
haha, thanks man =) yeah we made the site back in november and spent about a month trying to record a full song, thought I'd get something up there in the meantime and we've had about 400 views in the past 4 days since I put it up!

thanks for taking the time to listen, glad you liked it! =)
Thanks for checking out my song.

I like the melodies/chord progression. Some "bad" notes in the lead guitar, though. The shredding was pretty clean and the solo was pretty well thought out. The tone could be better but that's always hard to achieve. All in all, pretty nice. You could maybe add drums there or develop the song further.
Thanks for the advice! what are these "bad" notes you refer to? notes out of time? catching open strings? slipping into the wrong key? I think I did all of these cept the last one! lol, and also how do you think I could improve on the tone? I've had the GT-10 about a month, and there's a lot to tweak =\

anyway thanks for listening I'm glad you liked it! I may consider doing a full band version at some point
I really enjoyed the chord progression as well. As far as bad notes, I think he means your playing could stand to be cleaned up a little bit. I didn't hear anything that was melodically off, at least not to my ears.

You have some great chops though, man, I really liked it.

Crit mine?

ahh yeah I know what you mean, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself really, I did it in sections but it took me 82 takes ^^; maybe if I practise it a bit I'll be able to do a cleaner version! thanks for the comments guys, even though I say it every time! lol
woah, parts of this actually made me think "comfortably numb" by Pink Floyd, though it's obviously not even the same genre haha. Must be the mode. Anyways, I found this quite beautiful. You're obviously talented at lead — you know how to keep it melodic, something far too many guitarists remember when they try to "go fast." The fade away at the end is fitting. This feels like a bridge of a really long song a la Metallica, like you could almost play that lead part clean until you really step it up a notch. Great work, it was not a burden to listen to like some "metal" can be. I loved the accidentals too (that may be what stratwizard was referring to, though I think they fit perfectly).
Thanks guys! yeah at first I was pretty annoyed about those various mistakes, but over time I found it made it seem a bit more natural, I did improvise the bits with mistakes so yeah, glad you liked it =)

yeah I was using a chorus on it, and various other things the GT-10 has a lot of stuff! =S I could get more specific if you wanted? it was actually the sound I used to record hotel california with, don't have a 12-string! But I did use a phaser on the lead guitar.

cheers metal105 I'll go crit yours in a sec! =)

also, if anyone has myspace please feel free to add us! just thought I'd throw that in! xD
Man this is a great track.

Youre phrasing's good and the playing doesnt get repetative in the slightest.

This is just a suggestion which I think would help section the track out. Add in a clean part in the middle or just before the guitar harmony parts. Shove in some bass & drums and you'll have a epic.
I love the mix of almost a pink floyd clean, and metallica solo. Very creative solo, and nice tone.