I decided i wanted to do a song for my birthday :P

anyway, some crit on the riffs and stuff would be nice and as always, ill crit your stuff.

Changed my setup a bit, used a Rock Band mic, really moving up in the world!
thanks for the crit man! I already left one on your last track too

this track is good stuff man, its very unorthodox but i like that. the panning part at the beginning was well done, built up a nice atmosphere for the distorted guitar to kick in. great riffing as usual, i dig the chugging. i like your tone a lot, im not really sure the rock band mic does it justice. the rhythm parts sound really good but a few of the lead parts are crackly.

the whole track has a cool ominous feel to it, like something really bad or f-ed up is about to happen, or maybe is happening. well written, the dual guitar parts mesh and support eachother well

and last but not least.... get a drum program =]
if you dont want drums thats fine but i think it would up the headbang factor! ezdrummer and drumkit from hell are easy to use and easy to find

and happy birthday dude!
Great track man!

Like the intro, and there's some pretty amazing riffs in there too! Great sound considering you were using a rock band mic too haha!

Had a great groove to it, would be mind-blowing with some drums backing it up! Like the other guy said, theres a few good programs out there than are easy to use that arn't too hard to get.

Good luck with everything, and happy birthday!
Thanks for the crit guys - the only reason i sont put drum tracks on my songs is because i usually ship em off for a friend of mine to have a go at making up some drum tracks, and he doesnt have any recording equipment heh