A friend friend who attends a Public Speaking class in college has to find 5 negative things about students having cell phones in School. I think he only had two reasons
They were: Distractions (duh) and Unauthorized Calling. I've tried to think of three more but, I can't think of any. And yes, I tried google.. All I got was this bull**** article by some New york teacher.. So pit, please help?
Pros are welcome too.. He has to write on on that later..
might loose the cel at school, and it might be pretty expensive

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do something about them texting people test answers and that they could get kicked out. thats all i got
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Might take pr0n pics. That's always there...
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Disrupt Lessons
Lose them/ Get stolen

Meh thats all i got.
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Cheating on tests

Edit:Too late
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Students from higher classes might have expensive cellphones they show off to lower class students initiating conflict?


1. You have to listen to your annoying friends talk in an annoying manner about how 'kewl' their cell phone is.
2. You have to listen to your annoying friends talk in an annoying manner about how 'kewl' their new ringtone is.
3. You have to actually listen to the annoying ring tone when it goes off.
4. They provide more situations where you have to actually talk to your annoying friends about any number of things.
5. You have to listen to your annoying friends laugh in an annoying manner when they receive a text message including the saying 'lolz' when you don't know or care what it's about.
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Nowadays almost every cellphone has a camera in it.
The schools in Holland actually FORBID taking any kind of photo or video with a cellphone.

Also alot of people forget that there is radiation in cellphones O_o'

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Terrorist threat. People can be tracked through cell phones!

and the phones can actually set off a bomb!
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- Radiation
- Frequencies may cause discrepancies for other technological features (such as routers)
You can slide most mobile phones under toilet doors and take pictures of the unsuspecting crapping public.
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Something you definitely need to know
Excessive use MIGHT cause cancer.

Man, I remember when there was only one phone for the entire student body to call their parents. Dailing '9' always got me, too.
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Also alot of people forget that there is radiation in cellphones O_o'

You HAVE to put radiation in. I now official deem this necessary. DO ITT
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I haven't heard much proof that Cell Phones can cause cancer.. But I do think launching microwaves at your head at light speeds has to have some effects..
Cyber-bullying via text message. Srsly.


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Poorer people might feel badly about other people having them, I know it barely makes sense but it's almost a reason