I was looking for a really cheap P-Bass pickup for a bass I picked up for free from a friend. I have all of the other hardware that the bass was missing except for a pickup.

I really don't care what kind it is, I don't care if it's from a cheap import, I don't care if it sounded so bad you were forced to replace it. I'm just a guitarist who has a bass that he wishes had a pickup.

So I'm just looking for a cheap one, P-bass, not jazz bass. So if you have one sitting in a drawer or your garage, I'm talking to you.
Something in the price range of: free +shipping to 5usd +shipping.

I broke my floyd rose whammy bar, the screw collar broke(it was a cheap one) and I'm just looking for another one, if you have one let me know and we'll discuss prices.
I hope i'm not breaking the bumping rules but. Bump

The floyd rose whammy bar I need is the type with the screw on collar.