the phaser on my 15 watt line 6 spider II is turning on by itself and not turning off. i was playing on the clean channel and it turned on without me touching it. then it wouldnt turn off. i tried it on all the channels but the same thing happens.

has this happened to anyone before? can it be fixed?

thanx in advance
try hitting it around a bit? There's really nothing you can do, its all digital inside of it so its not like you could diagnosis the problem.
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No, I mean, fixing the problem would most likely cost as much, if not more, than the cost of the amp.

So your best solution is a new amp, or just deal with the phaser.
Factory reset if that doesnt do it then its just one of the many little electric gremlins that plague spider amps. Not much to be done with it once it starts doing weird stuff.