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pfft, a silly instrument.
7 5%
meh, nothing special.
3 2%
can be cool sometimes.
30 21%
cool instrument !
49 34%
way underrated, awesome instrument !!
49 34%
5 3%
Voters: 143.
I've been playing the harmonica for a few months now, and i was wondering what people generally think of this little instrument.
Blues harmonica in particular.

if you choose 'other', please specify
poll coming up.

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i love it. my friend will hit the highest note he can on it and hold it until we get funny reactions. i recommend everyone to try it
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i like it, i think its pretty cool you can take it where ever you go and play. my brother started about a month ago...
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The guitar, the only beautiful female that looks better with the top ON haha

It's a very pleasant instrument to play and sounds good as part of an ensemble.

You should form a harmonica choir of over 70 harmonicas.
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Well, since i play blues harmonica myself, i obviously love it.

I love blues harmonica,.
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It's great. You blow on it and it makes different noises.

jes like me
It's a love hate thing for me. I generally love the sound of it, but it really bugs me in some songs when it gets too shrill/whiny/thin. I can play it a bit, the only thing stopping me from picking it up seriously is that I hate the feel of playing it. I get the chills easily from wind instruments, especially those dealing with reeds, so it can be kind of uncomfortable for me to play. Overall, I love it.

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They sound crazy when used with a wah pedal.
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whats a simple harmonica song to learn and get going on
EDIT: and yes i like harmonicas
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Irritating. Even when played well. I have one but it hurts my ears (and mouth) when I play. Just the wrong frequencies for my brain I guess. Nothing makes me delete an mp3 faster than a harmonica solo. They are kind of fun with an acoustic jam though, as long as it only lasts a few seconds.
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I, for one, love the sound of a harmonica, in both blues and folk.
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Like it. Sounds fabulous on When The Levee Breaks
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Mine's broken. It'll only play the lower chords.
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I bought one, imagining myself picking it up and being able to play some kind of tune worth listening to, but I tried it and it's really really hard I don't see how the hell anyone can learn to use one!
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I bought one, imagining myself picking it up and being able to play some kind of tune worth listening to, but I tried it and it's really really hard I don't see how the hell anyone can learn to use one!

It's hard to learn if you have a low quality harmonica.
Check out the Harmonicats and Toots Thielemans. Paul Butterfield's pretty cool too.
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[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']FUCK YES.

I had one since I was ten, and I only started playing it last summer...Very rewarding, how quick you get good at it. Easy to pick up, feels amazing to play.

If anyone wants to learn, the best way is to work out Beatles songs. They're all relatively easy, and awesome to play.

EDIT - I particularly recommend learning I Should Have Known Better. Only two chords, yet an awesome riff. Then move onto Love Me Do...or something.
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