For a lack of better words my nylon-sporting classical guitar is dead... RIP... It was 25 years old with a set of 7 year old strings. One broke. I replaced them all and when I was stretching the high E back into place, I heard a huge snap. Needless to say there's a big crack between the D and G strings running from the 15th to the 19th fret and one alone the back of the neck perpendicular to it where the neck connects to the body. I refuse to replace the strings again for fear of damaging the guitar even more.

I'm wondering what brands I should look into for a new guitar. I think Ill switch to carbon-phosphorous strings but I refuse to play steel as I like to fingerpick as well and I refuse to do that to my hands. I'm thinging of just getting a standard strumming guitar thats also nice to fingerpick and not too hard on the hands.

When I play acoustic its usually things like John Butler Trio or Creed.

Now I personally come from the realms of the metal with BC Richs and the like. I really no nothing about acoustic

I'd like to set my limit at about 500 Canadian.

What do you guys think?


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Fender - CD-60. great guitar. cheap too.

Im not really into fenders. Ill look in to it but I probably won't buy one.

What other brands are good?

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