Ok, so i play a BC Rich Mockingbird Special (flameshield), and it has a tonepros tune-o-matic style bridge in it.

Problem is i regularly snap my G and B strings, right on the point of contact with the bridge. I don't hit the strings particularly hard, and it's always at the exact same point. I've tried using different strings, filing down the groove in the wedge-thingys (the bit the string sits on :P), rubbing pencil lead in the groove, and various other supposed cures, but it keeps happening!

Is this a common problem with this kind of bridge?
Anyone know of anything that actually works to stop it?

Also, considering changing the entire bridge, would a roller style bridge tackle this problem?

cheers guys
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My Dave Mustain Dean V has the same bridge, and it never happens to me.

Try using ELIXER 11s
^ No, don't use Elixir strings, they break just the same as normal strings, and they cost more to replace. Look into getting graphite saddles for your bridge, that should help quite a bit.
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It could be a burr, I had one on my bridge a while back. If it is, rubbing pencil lead or switching strings will not help. You need someone (preferably experienced, unless you feel confidant enough in yourself) with a large magnifying glass and a small file to smooth it out.
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Its usually a sharp edge on the saddles doing it. Also to much angle over the saddle can contribute to it. The top wrap method on the stop bar can help cut down on breaking strings. If your breaking alot of strings now elixers will do it even faster.
Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I've already tried filing the saddles with a really fine file, but that didn't help really.

Tackleberry: The top wrap method? Is that just putting the strings through backwards, then bringing them over the top of the stopbar? i see how that might work...

Anyone got any views on the roller bridges btw?

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