Hey guys -

Is there any way to incorporate the 7th string on a guitar into normal playing? Like if I was playing just a basic G 5th chord, is there something I could do to broaden the sound with the B string?

I was thinking of picking up a Schecter 7 string at some point, I'm trying to see if its practical for anything besides Dream Theatre.
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try learning music theory. this will answer your question and make using a 7 string more than "just really low"
What he said.
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theory states 1+1=2 sometimes in music 1+1=3.
You can play Nevermore!

Dave weiner is great too if you're into slightly shred-y stuff.
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Something like that will make power chords a bit meatier.
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i use my 7 string for jazz band, i love the novelty of using it on my exam, i did a blues scale with the open B string. but yah it opens up a wider range. if it has 24 frets take everything from the 1st to the 19th fret on the E string and all those notes can be played on the B string. so yes technichally a G5 chord can be played on a 7 string on the 8th fret of the 7 string and the 10th fret of the E and A chords.

but also if you add another note but the B string is eqivaluent to the other B string (obviously) so if you know your scale and understand the concept of octaves you can add the 12th note (octave of the fifth) but it wouldn't be called the 12th on that B string but thats how i think of it sorry.

but i'm unsure that if you add a note not coresponding to the formation of the the chord that it is still the same type of chord. like say you add the 12th to a 5 chord like G5 i don't think it is still just a G5 chord, maybe a G5add12, but then again im not sure of my music theory 100% so i may be wrong. someone please tell me if i'm helping this guy out, if not i'm going to delete this post as to avoid confusing him

sorry for the wall of text, split it up so you could read it though.
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Thanks for the tips. I'm working on my theory now, I should be able to add some interesting combination with the 7 string should I get one.
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