I had the opportunity to mess around with one of these today. I didn't really push any sort of real volume out of it, as the local shop is quite small and seems to be frequented by an older crowd. ( I was being polite while using it. )

I think it's possible it has a pretty good sound, I'm trying to compare it to the Cube I guess. As I've come to rest on my final decision being between a Randall and a Roland.

So, my questions are.. based on opinions of others whom have tried out Randall solid state amps (i'm open to the 75 watt hybrid? model as well) as well as the Cube 30 and 60....

Speaker quality comparison? The RX35DM seems to come stock with a 12 inch Randall Jaguar, the 75 watt G3 comes with a Celestion... I cannot seem to find any information on what speakers are used in the cube models.. i'm assuming a roland something or other.

Tone comparison? I can't really seem to make a real decision on which I prefer, the cubes or the randalls... I lean towards the randall tone and capabilities... but as I mentioned, I haven't tested either on anything more than a more private volume.

I play primarily metal and hard rock, I currently have the micro-cube, but i'm looking to take a step up into something more powerful. I don't really want to spend more than $500-600 u.s. and if I can save some money, that'd be great.

I've looked into some of the tube stuff, but to be honest I don't really want to fork out the extra for an attenuator , as a good 70 percent of my playing time will require more of a bedroom or apartment volume.

I know i've posted a few times recently inquiring about this sort of thing, and I'd have rather just kept going on a topic I already started, but this forum is quite active and I don't have the patience to dig through the board here to find an old post so's not to keep creating new ones

Btw, thanks to those who have helped out so far, It's really helped me narrow things down and make the search easier.