I have had an old Tascam board given to me and i really have no use for it. I have no tape and thus no means of testing the recording function, but i plugged my bass into it and the vu meters worked so i know it at least gets a signal, lol. If anyone is seriously interested i can go test each channel individually, both in and out of the board, but its really flippin cold outside right now and i dont want to spend to much time in my garage if i dont have to.

The whole unit seems to be in near perfect condition. In fact, when i unboxed it the manual was still in the plastic bag and the board itself was still wrapped in plastic, so im pretty sure it was never used or at least only used lightly. There are no signs of wear that i can see, its a very 'new' looking piece of equipment.


To be honest, i have no idea what the thing is worth. Im guessing somewhere around $500, but thats just a rough estimate. If someone knows what i should be asking for this please let me know.

Thanks for looking!
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Read this as well:
If you have any interesting trades dont be afraid to make an offer. Im not really looking for anything at the moment, but if you have something you dont use ill be willing to work with you. Even if you dont have music equipment to trade you can make an offer. Im a computer nerd, so anything of that nature piques my interest as well.

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It's been awhile but I don't see any other posts. Do you still have the Tascam 388 Studio 8? They're worth less and less and I'm not even sure that I have room for it but I might be able to trade music or computer equipment. Let me know if you have it so we can talk.