So yeah, I wanna switch my EMGs (81/81) for SDs, but I'd need some recommendations.

I thought about the SH-5 which are very versatile, but I dunno.. I've never played SDs but heard from so much people that they were very good.

I mostly play metal, but I love doing clean stuff do and sometime just jam around blues or jazz.


well try some out then
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a few things thing about changing your active emgs.

You will need to change all of your electronics including output jack.
25k pots also are a different size than 500 - 250k pots. So you will need to drill a bigger hole. And lastly since the guitar is set up for active pups which do not need a bridge ground your SD's will need a bridge ground. You can do without the ground but you will get some buzzing.
Or you can try active SDs like the Livewires or the Blackouts. I recently installed some Blackouts on a 7 string I wanted to put actives on without modding the body to fit them and pretty much kick the EMGs in the ass as far as dynamics go. Try them out since schecter uses them probably you'll find them installed in some shop

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Yeah that what I was fearing, the active to passive switch. I think I'll just check out the Active SDs, or I wont change em because I don't want to much trouble as Im not an expert into modding.

EDIT: Checked out the LiveWire Classic: http://www.seymourduncan.com/comparetones/view/141

and the Blackouts: http://www.seymourduncan.com/comparetones/view/19

They both seem very good, but the LiveWire seems more versatile than the Blackouts...
Any experiences, ideas, help?
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Used the searchbar, and I too would like to read about experiences and ideas with LiveWires.
why switch? not saying that EMG's are better, but i just want to know what displeases you about emgs so you can get legit recommendations.
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