What are the better "bang for your buck" brands? I'm lost as far as acoustics go and i have no more than $260 to spend. I don't want an electric acoustic just a plain acoustic guitar.
I know but this question is a little different like what are the best brands for cheaper acoustics and also the stickied thread is talking about new guitars
Well as long as its not a yamaha or a fender, youre good

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Hmm, I have always had this impression that the low-end guitars from Yamaha are pretty good value for money.
To TS: seagull, takamine, yamaha are what immediately springs to my mind as value for money brands.
Will 260 dollars get a decent used acoustic? I bought a 300 dollar ovation celebrity cc24 and i dont like it anymore action is too high i dont like the round back and it doesnt sound the way i need it to. I believe i could have done better for 300 so thats why im asking I am going to trade up the ovation and get 80% of what i paid so 260 to use towards a new one, I can spend a little more if i need to.
Camdon.. your avatar says you hate Fender and sig says you have a BC Rish. Cred lost bud.

Yamaha low ends are amazing. Go to GC and play everything in the $250 range. Yamaha is the best in my opinion.
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