This is more of a rant than anything, but I'm still curious on how many people have been in this posistion and how the dealt with it

Background info:
I play metal(thrash mainly)
I play where there is alot of shred type stuff(Trivium, Metallica, Megadeth, Yngwie Malmsteen)

So here's my story:

It starts around mid summer of 2008. I'm looking for a band and am writing songs. One friend that I am talking to talks about how he just started playing guitar, and how he would one day like to start a band. I figure, hey, maybe I could use him. So I tell him that I will teach him as much as I can, and he can be the rhythm guitar in my back seeing that we like the same music. So, it's August, and we jam for a few weeks. Another friend of mine who also plays guitar tells me if we need a singer, he can do it(he does Randy Blythe, Phil Anselmo type stuff. At this point, all is well, except, for the next 5 months, WE CANNOT FIND A DRUMMER. Now, I live in Indianapolis, IN(Big city) and you'd think we can find someone almost instantly, but no, everyone who we find is either too far away, or in the mid 30's(we are still in high school). When we first started, we want to find someone at out school, we did, but he was a dick and would never practice so we booted him, and for the next few months, we were drummerless.

So, we find one drummer who we jam with around our age, but already has another commitment. At this point, I find no point in continuing the search. I've had 5 original metal songs written, and have been teaching the other guitarist all of them. Our singer is still waiting on us. Now, just recently(like this past week), we find a drummer who goes to our school(stupid on us, right?) And we sit down and talk, and we are ready to do the talent show. We speak with our singer, we are all on the same page.............or so we thought. Today, our singer tells us that he is busy, and he isn't into thrash as much anymore, and wants to do more groove type stuff(Pantera, Lamb of God, Machine Head) and he doesn't think that his style will fit. I tell him that I've heard him sing, and I know he can do it. But he says that he will just grow tired of it. Well, the talent show try-outs are this month(none of us can sing well at all, and we won't find anyone who will sing for us, seeing that there are around 5-10 people in the school that even like metal). So, it looks like we can't do it.
So now I'm stuck with me, the other guitarist, and potential bassist, and a drummer. I don't know if the drummer is reliable, but he says he's interested. Anyone been in this position, do I stick around? WHAT?
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dude..where is the bass player? also, offer to pay the singer for this one gig and then continue your search.
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dude..where is the bass player? also, offer to pay the singer for this one gig and then continue your search.

He's a potential bassist, more than likely gonna stick with us. But the singer says that he just isn't motivated and isn't ready to sing in front of a large group of people, so he pretty much is like "leave me alone, I'm not doing it"
Dont give up!
Just try and get the singer for the talent show and keep searching Or even change your style of guitaring ?
well, the song we were gonna do for the talent show was Domination by Pantera, and I'm not sure how many singers would want to sing that.
Dude, I've been in that positon tons of times. My singer has done that to me a thousand times.

The singer will come around, if he's your friend, he'll do it. And if you really want to keep it together, you will need to make some sacrifices. If the lead singer will stay if you do a song thats okay, then do the song, it'll keep 'em happy, and not everything has to be a certain genre. And dude, if the guy is good at drums, it won't be a problem to have two bands. If he likes/practices drums enough, he'll do it.

And if its your band, stay with it till the end. It'll all come together soon enough.
Thanks for the advice. But I'm wondering if that's it. I mean, we just got our drummer, and I informed the band of the talent show, and our singer, just drops us like that.
Well maybe Just leave the singer then just try to find some new talent ?
Anyway Good luck feel free too add me
if i could tell you how many times i've been in a similar situation i would say about 5 times lol. My first "band" it happened, same with the second, third, fourth, and is even happening right now, i can't find a drummer, and my old singer took off to go to college(what a loser right?lol) but yea, the problem with you and me is we're still in highschool, once we can get out into college or w/e it'll hopefully be easier to find potential band mates.

I'm counting down the days lol good luck though, its stuff in high school when you feel like your the only one that really wants to be in a band, i know
You could just skip the talent show, if youre not prepared in time. I suggest you get all the willing members together and do the first band practice, because if you put it of too long, they may just loose interest or go and join a different band.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Put it this way.
With bands, nothing is ever as simple as it seems it should be.
My band have had so many different singers, drummers and guitarists im lost lol. Think weve got a stable line upo now
but we havent practiced coz the drummer hasnt got his ass in gear and used his contacts. It makes me mad.

Anyway, dont give up. If you give up, people can say that you quit. If you dont, they cant. That simple, innit?

lol at pagan angel
well my band (Blood & Sulphur, of which pagan angel is a member :p has had similar problems, we originally had me, him and a bassist, then a drummer, then the drummer left os to join a s screamo rock band and we were all but then my friend said he'd bass for us and then my mates bands singer hooked us up with a possilbe drummer. So what i'm saying is, keep trying and something will turn up, trust me, i've been there
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^My god.

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Thanks alot for your help guys. If this drummer doesn't work out. Then I'm probably going to record everything on my own, with the help of EZ Drummer. I'm sticking with it. When I find people I think are reliable, I will fully get a band again.