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It was a cold, crappy dark morning today. I get to school hardly awake and go to my first class, AP World History. Joy. I walk in and am greeted with The Smiths blasting. Needless to say, it woke me up. My teacher and I spent the next hour talking about music. He's into all the same stuff I am. And my biology teacher has been playing Radiohead for the past few days during work.

So anyone else have cool teachers like this?
My Planning teacher is into RHCP, and alot of metla.

My old PE teacher is a huge Metallica fan.
Smiths... fancy taste right there. My biology teacher listens to Sound Garden
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All of my teachers are music professors. Enough said.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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my health teacher is way into disturbed. he was also a lineman for the Titans. he is freaking huge.
my history teacher was in a band in highschool with the drummer from Symphony X. whenever we're working he plays Iron Maiden \m/
My History teacher likes a lot of the same bands as I do. And he plays bass in his own band.
No, but my homeroom teacher is always saying how he feels sorry for my parents that they have to put up with my music. And he calls me Alice a lot cause I have an Alice Cooper shirt
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Since i study music at college yeah, they generally do :p

Me and my Sequencing and Recording tutor were listening to some Old scroobius pip earlier.
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my forensic teacher has a Metallica logo on his wall
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In science like 3 years ago I found Rob Zombie and NIN on my teacher's laptop.

He was actually the coolest person ever. In the world. Ever.
my philosophy teacher is into death metal, power metal, etc.

he's 44... i even went to a Nightwish gig with him lol... he's really a cool guy

Proghead+Metalhead= ME


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history teacher plays guitar, likes pretty much the same things as me from SRV to Metallica
and my Honors english teacher listens to metal, grunge & 80's synth pop, she was cool as hell, since she was only like 28 or so and went to our school,
all we did in there was watch swayze movies that we brought in
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i walked into my first day of psychology class and my professor was blasting bob marley.

before class every day he usually plays rhcp, zep, or whatever.
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my biochemistry prof listen to the who and he showed us a pic of himself having a beer with the band back in the day. he also listens to tool.
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yeah im not at gc dude, i dont live there.

my history teacher, well my freshman teacher, played for some band that toured cross country, and he was a bodyguard for the baltimore ravens(football) and he played in our talent show, but would have won, but didnt since hes a teacher.
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my history teacher, well my freshman teacher, played for some band that toured cross country, and he was a bodyguard for the baltimore ravens(football) and he played in our talent show, but would have won, but didnt since hes a teacher.

lmao bodyguard for a pro football team?
Im a music teacher and i like music such as Opeth, Rachmaninov, Floyd, Miles Davis etc. Cool to me maybe not to others.
Not my teacher, but a teacher in my school (whom I would've had if I was a year behind where I am) played Raining Blood and Angel of Death for his class during the half day. I attended because I had a study hall that period and a friend of mine was in that class xD. This same teacher asked me how I knew about Venom (I had a Venom hoodie on) and apparently he likes alot of black/death metal bands.

EDIT: I forgot my English teacher was listening to Paganini one day, I asked him about it and we talked about classical music for like an hour and a half after school xD. That teacher is awesome.
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My study hall "teacher" listens to a ton of great stuff, like Tera Melos, The Appleseed Cast, At the Drive-In, etc. He's seen a lot of bands live too, which is also cool.

It's pretty rad getting to listen to awesome music everyday while I sleep/study/do homework.
During secondary school (I left last year), my Biology teacher always had a Fender J-bass (Hot Pink, no less) next to his desk and Iron Maiden blasting out of his PC.

This annoyed the hell out of the chavs in my class (i.e. Everybody barring me), and basically caused them to riot because of the "dirty rock music". I loved that class, and spent the 2 hours a week I had biology talking about music to him. I miss that guy Mr. Warwick his name was. I loved his bass too. He got me into Maiden, playing bass and all that. Shame he didn't get me into Biology....

No surprise on my results day when I got an E for Biology. I would have probably got a higher grade for music....
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Yeah my american history teacher. He's into cat stevens, zeppelin, beatles, neil young, elton john, CCR, CSNY all that good stuff
My Geography teacher last year was a kid of the '90s (he's in his mid 20's) so needless to say he likes more contemporary music. Um... My math teacher last year was into all this old classic rock, chuck berry especially. The rest of my teachers, I don't really know.
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lmao bodyguard for a pro football team?

yeah, his name was jason cross, idk if hed be in there, but he did it for a month, he coaches lacross and does wrestling on his time off...
When I went to see Gigantour last year this English teacher from my school was a couple people back in the line into the building

Turns out hes a hardcore metal fan, and his wife used to date the bassist from Mastodon (which I dont 100% believe but why would a teacher i dont even know lie?), and he was pissed that he missed most of High On Fires set while waiting in line.

Cool guy. I wish i was in his english class.
me and my art teacher were just talking about which queens of the stone age album is the best(i say era vulgaris he says songs for the deaf)
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me and my art teacher were just talking about which queens of the stone age album is the best(i say era vulgaris he says songs for the deaf)

I agree with the teacher
My choir director is a huge Queen fan.
Band director loves Rush and Iron Maiden.
Senior Social teacher listens to lots of Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, Scorpions, etc.
One of the tech teachers like The Final Countdown, but that's all that can be said for him.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the weight training coach is a huge Country man. Working out to "Chicken Fried" or "Young Troubadour" just isn't the same as working out to "Down With the Sickness" or "Ride the Lightning".
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One teacher I used to have loved Black Sabbath and other old-school metal, another loved Dio, Rainbow and The Living End, and another was a fan of Motorhead, Chuck Berry and the like. Leviathan will know what I'm talking about.
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