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I enjoy them
17 24%
I don't enjoy them
3 4%
I despise them
4 6%
I enjoy them on occaison
35 50%
I would enjoy them if they wore pirate garb
11 16%
Voters: 70.
They bug me. Youtube should make a special search option to filter out people covering songs on youtube when i want to listen to the original version .

What does the pit think of em?

Have a poll:
How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?

Twelve. One to change the bulb and eleven to say they could do it better.
Sometimes there's some good acoustic covers on YouTube that are pretty good.
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pirates fo sho

but some of them are enjoyable
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If they put a twist on the song, their own version of it then I don't mind, but I hate the millions of vids of people playing it note for note over the record, when I'm trying to find live footage of the song.

*Witty comment*
I enjoy them IF they're any good...
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Awesome guy right here
A buncha the guys on youtube are REALLY crappy when they do covers, but there's always those super good guys.
DAMMIT! I picked the second to last before I saw the last option.
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I hate the crappy 10 year old players, but some guys on there are actually really good, there's a guy on there called KillrBuckeye who's amazing.
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when I don't know how to play something on a song I watch some covers
I've learned about many techniques my playing would be dry without, like whammying without a whammy bar.
I watch covers more than real bands. I like a no-names take on a song. If I want to listen to the original I have plenty of CDs...
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hey! i have a cover up on youtube...

don't hate. i've only gotten good reviews from it. so ha. don't believe me? link's in my profile.