I took my guitar to guitar repair, asked for a setup and a wiring job (2nd tone control -> bridge pickup). Waited a week, he quoted $79 but when he was done he asked for $60, so I plug it in and first thing that goes through my head is 'He didn't do a bloody thing!' (he did though)

The action of my guitar was still messed up, he only changed the strings. So I try out the tone controls and notice that they did alter the tone but also cut down the volume by about 2/3. This happened to the first tone control as well

What the hell did he do (to the tone pots/controls)?

And the 20th fret is also dead now

P.S.: Has anyone had their guitar setup at Matheas Guitars in Melbourne? Thinking of going there to fix up the job
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Sounds like you got ripped off there.
Take it back and get him to try it out in front of you, there's no way he'll be able to deny that he hasn't carried out the work you asked for. Either demand he carry out the work originally agreed, or ask for a full refund.
go back to the guy who did the job and tell him he made it worse...
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