Halo guys !

Im new here and i need help on how to setup the lineup of my effect pedals.
My stuffs are BOSS ME50, RC2 loop station and BOSS Noise Suppressor.

Which must comes first ?

Thank you
Thats really a preferrence thing. Any combination you use will give you a different tone, based on how the first pedal will manipulate the tne of the pedals to follow it.
The only real answer to give you is to set the pedals to the tones you want, and then try them in all different combinations and listen for the tone differences. Then, choose the one you think suits you best
Its really a trial and error thing
Owh okay..i just thought that there is the best lineup setup for my stuffs..Thanks for you reply
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No problem, man
Anytime you have a question about fx and things like that, best thing to do is try and figure it out yourself.
Its all about preferrence, and helps boost knowledge
Compressor>Wah>OD>Distortion>Modulation>Noise Reduction>Delay>Reverb
this is my standard order. But, hey. It's like art class there are no right or wrongs. I like the Noise Reduction before the delay and reverb so when the gate cuts off the signal the delays and reverbs still finish out there ring. AL