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name your favorite acoustic version of a song,

Nirvana, Opeth, are my favorite bands that do acoustic songs

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nirvana and opeth are acoustic versions ? of what ? what ?
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Hungry Like The Wolf - Bruce Campbell.


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All I Can Do is Write About It - Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Got to be Layla by Clapton.

Damn, totally forgot about that one, that too.
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HIM has got an entire album devoted to their acoustic and unplugged sets. But I'd have to say my favorite song in particular is probably "Song or Suicide" on their Venus Doom album.
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I liked the acoustic version of pardon me by Incubus
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i like junesong provision by coheed and cambria acoustic better than electric...i's just kewl
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i dont think i've heard any acoustic versions of songs that usually use electric guitars. apart from maybe cyanide by the lurkers. amazing.

if vermilion pt 2 by slipknot counts as an acoustic version of vermilion, which is a completely seperate song that shares a few similarities with the sequel, then that would be another.
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Tears Don't Fall-BFMV
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Everlong - Foo Fighters
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The Offspring's acoustic version of Dirty Magic was pretty sweet

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Myles Kennedy's cover of Hallelujah

pretty much any song Alter Bridge does acoustic. sheer awesomeness.

amd I'll agree with eric clapton - layla
I've seen Michael Graves (Singer of The Misfits) do Dig Up Her Bones by himself on acoustic, and it actually sounded better than the original
At the moment I'm totally in love with the acoustic versions of Forever & Always, and Heart Bursts Into Fire, both by BFMV.
Though not the best acoustic song ever, the acoustic version of All Within My Hands is the best thing to come from St. Anger.
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Some of the songs from Alice in Chains Unplugged album are great. In particular I like Got me Wrong and No excuses.

Also Layla (and others on clapton's unplugged album).

And lastly, I'm not much of a Godsmack fan, but the album "The Other Side" is pleasing to listen to on occasion.
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Dream Theater - Another Day
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Fightstar have some good acoustic versions (99, Floods, Palahnuiks Laughter, The Engish Way and so on.)

Nirvana are awesome, but they sound like a totally different band (Besides Kurt's voice) when they play acoustically. Still good though.
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