hello! This is going to seem INCREDIBLY weird, but I must ask nevertheless. I've been pretty bored lately, and then remembered that I've got this neat little app called guitar pro 5. I've seen it used frequently on these boards, so i'm sure that most of you know what i'm talking about.

Since i remembered that i owned this, i've decided to undertake the task of creating my own little instrumental song using guitar pro's built-in instruments. However, I know NOTHING about guitar!!! I don't know how to read the notes, let alone write them. I don't know how to play these notes, let alone create them. And I most CERTAINLY don't know what these notes look like on sheet music, or tabs!!

So, what i'm looking for is a little something like this: What i need is some sort of guide, or website, or document, or ANYTHING, that lists every single guitar note and chord, and key and whatnot. THEN, in corollation with those notes, I need a little .wav or .mp3 file or something along those lines that shows what these sounds might sound like on the electric guitar. The acoustic or w/e else there is works fine as well, but i'd prefer electric, seeing as the song is an instrumental rock song, so this way i'd be able to better "see" what i want.

I realize this is incredibly stupid. I've got nothing to do, and have very, very little schoolwork, especially because i'm a high school senior, and i've got literally two classes, aside from gym. Even more so, i realize that what i'm looking for is probably not around, or if it is, it requires money, which is something that i do not have, especially if i'm only doing this one time just for kicks, and i don't even know if i'll end up completing it or not.

Thanks so much!
I couldn't figure out what you wanted. But here's a confused giraffe for trying.


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You'll probably never find every chord, there's thousands. (right?). Plus, this isn't Pit material, more like musician talk, or tab talk.
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easiest solution:

learn to play guitar

what you are asking for does not exist and would take up about a tetrabite of space if it did

edit: and why are you in a guitar forum if you know nothing about guitar?
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Music Theory for Dummies

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So, you want to learn how to use GP5?

...D/l some songs and figure out how it works.

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