The Beat of my heart is so undetectable
Nothing can cure me that isn't injectable
I try to live my life somewhat respectable
But all these things in life are so delectable

[chorus] Its hard when this world is so corrupt
It makes you feel like your going to erupt
You can't fix the world cuz your just to little
And the mask that you wear is far to brittle[end chorus]


The mood of this song may seem depressing
But its really an eye opening blessing
Because as the world keeps falling apart
And all I have is knowledge to import
You better take heed to these words I say
Cuz its the only way you'll make em pay


All you can do is just break conformity
And try to lead others away from uniformity
Because the path they lead is just not right
And your the only one who can show them the light

Don't get discouraged when they push you down
All you have to do is get up off the ground
To shove in their face that they are wrong
And prove that you are truly one strong


Now that this song is coming to an end
Beware of those corrupt and plan to bend
All of these words of truth I don't just speak
For they are all just far to stupid and weak