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That wasn't what I expected, but it's a good thing. I liked the slow, soft guitar intro juxtaposed with the faster drums. It worked to good effect. The chord progression was able to hold my attention better than most songs, as it was very out of the ordinary. The vocals were somewhat hushed, their track's volume could stand to be a raised slightly. And were those inhaled growls? It sounded extremely ominous, which fit the song well. The song has a kind of apocalyptic feel. It was well written, and I liked the reprise of the soft guitar in the middle. Like I said, the vocal track's volume could be raised. Other than that, there were no noteworthy mistakes, well done.

As this is a C4C, here's the thread to my song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1062111
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Thank you. I wasn't sure about the volume for the vocals. I didn't ant them to dominate the song, you know? I liked the thrash song, it was very professionally ritten, as it didn't drag on, and just kept moving. I was picturing hat it would sound like with drums, and it has the potential to be turned into a real head banger. I was getting a real southern vibe from it which is awesome. The solos were good as well, because you veered away from the typical solo routine with random notes and stuck to melody. The only thing I didn't like as the guitar tone, but I understand it's a rough recording because I can never get a satisfactory tone in my recordings either. All in all, I would love to hear a professional recording of the song with a full band. I would definitely be a fan. Thanks again!