Hey Guys! A post has been long overdue for myself on UG; been real busy with university and work.

Background: Played Electric Guitar for 5 years. Played Acoustic Guitar for 2 years.
Current Acoustic: Cheap little Sierra (no name brand) 2/4 or 3/4 All laminate Acoustic
Situation: I need an acoustic electric within a week.
Price range: $500-$1000 Canadian dollars.
Location: Pickering, Ontario
Purchase Preference: In store
Pickup/Preamp Preference: Fishman or L.R. Baggs

I've been seriously thinking about using the Breedlove AD25/SM or AD25/SR Plus :

Breedlove AD25/SR at the Breedlove Website

Breedlove AD25 SM

I'm not sure what the difference is between the 2 model names, they are completely identical to me. Someone correct me if you've got knowledge of this.

To my understanding, this model is not in production anymore. I do want to ask the UG community here about your knowledge in acoustic-electrics with as much information as I can provide. I've done searches on my topic/models of acoustic-electrics and have not really any time/background knowledge of resources for the acoustic-electric in my price range with the preferences I would like. And I will get right into it now.

Preferences of the acoustic-electric I would like to purchase:
Fishman or L.R. Baggs Preamp/pickup already installed
Aesthetics are important as can be seen by my taste in the Breedlove AD25SM / SR Plus
Solid Top is a must
Solid Back is important, but not required
Solid Sides, I would be surprised if there is an acoustic-electric in my price range top,back and sides all solid
Cutaway, doesn't matter (Although I'm not a big fan on the Takamine cutaways)
Bodytype = Dreadnaught
Gloss Finish is a must

I do prefer a brighter sound over bassy/fuller sounding, so big leaf maple sides/back would be cool, although not mandatory.

Other models/brands I have been looking at is the Yamaha FG300S due to its aesthetics and solid top, although it does not have a pickup/preamp which is key. I am aware of the Yamaha FGX320SCA, however I've not seen/played it in real life as of yet.

I would like to know of some Martins and Taylors. I have played a Taylor 814CE, and loved it, although it was 4x my price range lol.

If you can help me out, I thank you!
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Well the biggest difference in the two Breedlove models is the side and back wood.
The Breedlove AD25/SM has mahogany back and sides whereas the AD25/SR has rosewood back and sides. Very nice guitars, I played one at GC and would definately recommend trying them out, but that's about all I can help you with, Sorry.
You are correct that they are no longer in production under those names. Tyler was dead on it's just the difference in the woods. If you do find an older Atlas, It will have the Fishman classic 4 electronics in it. The newer Atlas that replaced these is the Studio series and they now come with L.R baggs element electronics. The newer electronics sound a bit better but not much. You could probably score a real sweet deal on the older Atlas if you find one. Good luck on your hunt you won't be dissapointed!
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Find one of those models if you can. In my opinion they're better than the substitute new ones.
The rosewood back and sides on the SR will give it a warmer bassier sound. Mahogany will be a bit brighter, but not by much.
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