hey, i was just wonderin if anybody out their tried out the Schecter Diamon J bass, ive always loved schecter gutiars, and ive also loved the feel of their necks, im uping from an Ibanez gsr200 (good beginner bass) ive been playing about a year or two.

my style is alot like Jeph Howard from the used, who to me, blows most of these "new emo/punk bass players out of the water. i know he uses Fender Jazz and Precision basses.

is this schecter comparible to one of them or am i better off just getting a fender?

i also mix it up and play like Bullet for my valentine and stuff like that.

let me know thanks

also if anyone knows a cheap but decent bass amp (in the 200 dollar range)
let me know please =X
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