I hope this isnt against the rules are anything, but seeing as I havent seen anybody mention this, samash has a deal going on where if you buy a Hartke HyDrive 4x10 cab for $600 you can get a Hartke HA3500 head for $45 (shipping you have to pay)

Heres the link to the page

That's incredible.
I wish I was over there to take advantage of that offer!

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In the top right hand corner where it says rebate offer you can scroll over that and it tells you. It says it on the sam ash home page to.
I say this does not count as advertising.

And I say that is a pretty sexy deal.
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...Coincidence? I think not.
Oh man...if I had a job right now, I'd be all over that. I don't know why, since I have a half stack already, but I would.
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I ordered my Hydrive 4x10 1 day to early...
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you might be able to send it back adn then reorder it...?
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This ain't against the rules! You're hipping us to a great deal. And great it is!

I think Hartke's aggressively trying to take Ampeg out. I don't blame it. Except for the SVT6PRO.
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I really need a cab anyway, but was dead set on going used.... Don't need a new head but the GAS is killing me. My local shop happens to carry a lot of Hartke gear, I'll head down tuesday to see if they have the cab. Anyone here actually have experience with the cab? I'm skeptical of the "hybrid" design (I'm not an aluminum guy) and the price tag. Anything is a step up from my current cabs, but I'm curious how well regarded Hartke's speakers are in general, seems low-range intermediate to me based entirely on price.

TS I want to thank and curse you for the link, I had been so good about not spending money on excess gear.
dammit! why'd I buy my HA2500 so early? Oh well, one day I'll get my break...
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