I play keyboard by ear. My dad got our family a casio keyboard a year ago for christmas and we all mess around on it; now I'm thinking of starting to use it for small keyboard parts in my music and covers. But I need it to sound like an organ.

Two questions: How would I hook a speaker to it to make it louder, and what would i used to simulate an organ sound? Would I used a PA or a cab or what?

I'm lost here, I know nothing about keyboards. Now what I'd really like to do is play some psychedelic synth keyboard with organ sounds along with guitar pedals running through it, like Chris Ross. But I'm just gonna make a start on this. So guys, how do I simulate an organ?

Shouldn't there be some sort of setting already made for an organ sound?

And for making it louder, you can hook it up to an amp or PA with the line out plug in or whatever. That should just be in the back.
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you need a keyboard with a good organ patch. An entry level Casio isn't going to cut it. Something high end, I'd get a nord if you want hammond organ sounds without buying a hammond organ.

If you have ****ty organ patches on it already, you can always try adding a rotary effects pedal to get it a little closer--but it probably won't really help.

You need an amp to amplify it, your keyboard isn't going to get more volume by just adding more speakers. Buy a keyboard amp or use a bass amp if you alread have one around... or plug it straight into a PA.