i'm trying to get a real heavy sound out of the gear i've got now
i have a vox valvetronix, a metal muff pedal, a metalcore boss pedal, and my ex-400
i would like some suggestions on how to get like a pantera-ish tone out of it,
not the effect sound, but the heavyness, like in the album "vulgar display of power"
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unless you have a flanger or phaser, it won't really work. Not to mention the pickups and all the effects and the amps he uses.
scoop the mids

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that just sounds like ****, either way >.< Never in my life have I heard a worse sound than scooped mids amidst high gain stuff like that. I personally got sick of them after realizing half the **** sounds the same. The clean stuff, like Cemetery Gates and This Love are good technique to havem but that's about it, really.
well , you need to overdrive the tubes so .. ^^ I agree with the above