So today i restrung my guitar soon relizing the strings i used were not the same as the ones that were on my guitar. The Ones i have on right now are D'addario ej16.

The other ones were more of a yellowish gold color compare to the ej16. The the ball end color code were like a pastel color or maybe they were plastic whereas the ej16 are metallic.
When i ask the salesman i ask him what strings were used to restring the guitar (guitar was a floorstock item) and i thought he showed me the D'addario ej16, but obviously they arent.. so they must be another D'addario brand.

Anyone know which ones they could be?
Just try something else. That, and maybe give the D'Addarios some time to break in. If you still don't like them in a week or two, try a new brand.
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