Hey everyone,

My friend wanted a song for her birthday, so I made my first original song for her.
I've uploaded it to my profile...it's not completely polished, and it's just with acoustic accompaniment.

But...let me know what you think.

Not bad for a first tune. How did you record it? I just always ask people. I remember when I first started and just used my old Sony Vaio's built in mic and stood close to it while playing the guitar... I needed a lot of hiss reduction, haha. Well, keep it up, you can only get better!

Crit for crit?
Thanks everyone!
@Bronson - I used the USB mic I got for Christmas, a Samsung Q1U.
@Zern - Normal tuning, capo on the fourth fret, used D, A, E, G. Pretty standard, plus some hammer-ons/pull-offs.