Something entirely different from other things.

Stone soup of hate. (i)

I try to get my hair just right
Get every ringlet nice and tight
Spray in the moose to make it stay
And pray all night and pray all night

I paint my fingers and my toes
And wear a thong under my clothes,
The room is dark, the mirror grey
Lead with your nose lead with your nose

I have a date down in the town
My breasts fit snug inside my gown
The heels click calm as if to say
Try not to drown try not to drown

I feel the cold between my hips
Days in and out of clubs and tips
From girls who never see the day
Saliva drips saliva drips

I see his lips from through the glass
They remind me of the summer grass
The dugout where young hands did play
You are a woman not a lass.

And when the night is truly over
Day breaks upon the far off river
His fingers dance, breath says “okay
Absorb me in and never quiver
I am here to be your lover”
The title puzzles me and the last three lines need a bit of work, but I like it.
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Come away, oh human child,
To the waters and the wild
With a fairy hand in hand;
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.
i didnt grab onto it and get into it like i do some others..i thought it was OK..some of the rhymes were a little..idk how to explain it

it was decent though
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